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Annual Report 2014-2015
Annual Report 2013-2014
Annual Report 2012-2013
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Financial Results


Unaudited_Financial_Results Q3 December 2016
Unaudited_Financial_Results Q2 September 2016
Unaudited_Financial_Results Q1 June 2016
Audited_Financial_Results Q4 March 2016
Unaudited_Financial_Results Q3 December 2015
Unaudited_Financial_Results Q2 September 2015
Unaudited_Financial_Results Q1 June 2015
Audited_Financial_Results Q4 March 2015
Unaudited Financial Results Q3 December 2014
Unaudited Financial Results Q2 September 2014
Unaudited Financial Results Q1 June 2014
Audited_Financial_Results Q4 March 2014
Unaudited Financial Results Q3 December 2013
Unaudited Financial Results Q2 September 2013
Unaudited Financial Results Q1 June 2013
Audited_Financial_Results Q4 March 2013
Unaudited Financial Results Q3 December 2012
Unaudited Financial Results Q2 September 2012
Unaudited Financial Results Q1 June 2012


Unclaimed Dividend Details - 2010-2011
Scrutinizer's Report on Postal Ballot - 14.03.2015 
Postal Ballot MINUTES -17.03.2015 
Results of Postal Ballot -17.03.2015 
Postal Ballot Notice 

Shareholding Pattern Dec 2016
Shareholding Pattern Sep 2016
Shareholding Pattern Jun 2016
Shareholding Pattern Mar 2016
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2015
Shareholding Pattern June 2015
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Shareholding Pattern August 2014
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Shareholding Pattern March 2013
Shareholding Pattern March 2012


Compliance Report of Corporate Governance  
Corporate Governance Report Dec 2016
Corporate Governance Report Sep 2016
Corporate Governance Report June 2016
Corporate Governance Report March 2016
Corporate Governance Report September 2015
Corporate Governance Report March 2015
Corporate Governance Report December 2014
Corporate Governance Report September 2014
Corporate Governance Report June 2014
Corporate Governance Report March 2014
Corporate Governance Report December 2013
Corporate Governance Report September 2013
Corporate Governance Report June 2013
Corporate Governance Report March 12013
Corporate Governance Report December 2012
Corporate Governance Report September 2012
Corporate Governance Report June 2012

Press Release

Quarterly & Nine months Results of December 2016
Quarterly & Half Yearly Results of September 2016
Board Meetng Intimation of 09.11.2016
Quarterly Results of June 2016
Board Meetng Intimation of 08.08.2016
Quarterly & Full Year Results of March 2016
Board Meetng Intimation of 20.05.2016
Quarterly & Nine Months Results of December 2015
Board Meetng Intimation of 11.02.2016

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